Want to learn how to make $200 to $3,000 for as little as ten minutes of work, trading FOREX with only tiny risks? And do this multiple times a week? Forget MLM, Real Estate, HYIPs, & other risky "business opportunities", if you are looking for a REAL way to make serious money without hassles then read on...
Sound too good to be true? We assure you IT'S TRUE!!! You can learn this week how to completely replace your income! You'll only have to "work" a few hours each week to do it. What will you do with the rest of your time? Start dreaming, and read on...

We're going to teach you various specialized systems for trading the FOREX (Foreign Currency Exchange Market) that you've probably never heard of or thought of before - they really are amazingly powerful. We have had over $20,000 worth of training to be a FOREX trader, have learned many interesting strategies and techniques, and can straight up tell you that these are the absolute best trading systems we have ever seen! Make sure to read what others have said about the RAPID FOREX Methods below.

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced FOREX trader -- learn these systems and make yourself some great profits!

Don't worry if you are a beginner - you too can use this information as we've made sure to explain things that almost anyone can understand. As a "Beginner", you'll need to know where to start. With the RAPID FOREX Trading Package you'll receive our "Forex for Beginners" eBook. This quick-start manual will give you the basic terms, concepts, and knowledge you'll need to jump into the FOREX trading market. You'll be able to fly through "FOREX for Beginners" in less than 20 minutes - so you'll know exactly where to begin to start trading even faster.

Also, as an added bonus, we're including FOR FREE FOREX training materials that will teach you just about everything else you would need to know about trading FOREX to get started right. They are worth a lot, but you're getting them FREE because we want you to feel that you can be a successful trader too. One of our clients said that the Resources section, where all the FOREX materials are, alone is worth far more than the price he paid. Believe me, the big seminar promoters and other FOREX trainers will hate us for saying this - you don't have to spend thousands of dollars before jumping into the lucrative FOREX markets, and honestly, you'll probably end up more profitable using the amazing "RAPID FOREX" techniques than much of the other stuff you'll learn. (Please understand that we mean no disrespect to our competitors. Iit's just that you'll learn everything you need right here, so save your thousands of dollars to fund your trading account with).

Note: The materials will explain any terms you don't understand on this web page and they'll teach you how to make money in FOREX, even if you've never heard of FOREX before. Don't worry - it's easy to understand.
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Unlike most of the courses available out there, this is not a course to teach you just the basics of FOREX trading and technical analysis (but of course we cover all of that stuff too). These course materials will teach you truly remarkable step-by-step unique strategies to trade the FOREX in highly specialized ways!

Experienced Traders
If you are an experienced trader, then you'll fall in love with these unique trading strategies, and will probably end up getting much of your profits from them. Robert recently received a phone call from a Professional Fund Manager (one of those people who work for a big company trading on behalf of a large pool of investors). He called with a clarification question, and to congratulate him on the "*RAPID FOREX*" package (in particular the "FOREX Surfing" techniques). He told me that his company regularly buys any trading packages that becomes available to see what the techniques are incase they might learn something to be even more profitable in their trades for their clients. He stated that most training packages out there are a big waste of money, even scams, but he was surprised to find such useful techniques in the "*RAPID FOREX*" package. He declared that they will definitely be using these strategies for their clients - the same strategies you can now be using for yourself.

We've developed these various proprietary step-by-step strategies over a year of noticing some interesting things that happen in the markets very often (many times each week), and tried to figure out ways to profit from them. After pondering over the possibilities, a bright light went off in our heads and EUREKA! We figured it out! We then tested out the strategies to make sure they work. For example, we went right ahead and tried one of the strategies and made 30 pips in less than 5 minutes! (Lots of Money) We could have gotten more but we just wanted to test out the systems. We then continued to refine the strategies until they became "killer strategies" to consistently capture 20 to 150 pips, or even more, often many times a week! (Lots and Lots of Money)

Many of the incredible trading secrets you'll learn in the packages are proprietary methods invented by us and exclusively available at Rapid Forex. You will not find these strategies taught ANYWHERE ELSE. In fact, if anyone else begins to teach these concepts (watered down of course), it means they stole them from us (we've already noticed people that have tried to take credit for our own creativity by giving a poor imitation of our trading style). These concepts are so powerful that we've reserved them exclusively for our Rapid Forex customers.

Haven't you ever wished you could have a magic crystal ball so that you could know when the major market moves will happen and in what direction? If you had such a crystal ball you could make a lot of money. Well with the "RAPID FOREX" systems you will learn precision techniques to know exactly when and how to enter your trades that will seem that magical!!! The newly revised edition of "Explosive Profits" is the closest thing to having such a crystal ball - it is very powerful! The "Advanced Options Strategies" is another "crystal ball" technique where you use your broker's own super-computers to predict price moves.

Robert, I have just finished reading your entire *RAPID FOREX* eBook series, and I am writing to let you know that seldom does a person come across someone who is honest, goes the extra mile, and gives more than expected!!!! You fit that description Robert, and I know that you are a person who truly cares about others. I can say that about you, because after reading your three eBooks and testing your systems in the market, this is the first time I have not been disappointed like some of the other systems I have got from other unscrupulous people over the last few years.

I bought your first eBook "EXPLOSIVE PROFITS" in July of 2004 and was amazed as I tested it out in the markets. It worked like a charm, just like you said it would!!!!! I also found it to be one of the easiest and most profitable trading systems to employ. I nick named it the A BOMB and am ecstatic to have it in my TRADING WAR CHEST!!!!!!

Next I got your eBook "FOREX FREEDOM" and " I DO DECLARE" that its the absolute best book I've ever read on money management, and the only book I know of that can honestly tell you how to turn a small sum of money like $300.00 into $30,000.00 + dollars in less than a year. I consider it invaluable and say "BRAVO" to that fine piece of work!!!!!!!

Finally after much anticipation I received your latest eBook "FOREX SURFING" and I want you to know that its nothing short of PROFITABLE!!!!! In fact after reading it and doing some testing of it in the markets I DO BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE JUST GIVEN ME THE KEY TO THE FOREX BANK VAULT!!!!!! I really feel like you knocked your self out on this one!!! Its certainly a large eBook packed with multiple low risk systems and techniques with a high probability to consistently take money out of the markets.

If you haven't noticed yet, there is definitely a pattern here;"This Student keeps coming back" (like the energizer bunny) for more *RAPID FOREX*S because you're honest, you truly care, and your systems work!!! Its as simple as that!!!!!!!

Thanks for everything Robert!!! Please let me know when your next eBook comes out because I definitely want to purchase that one too!

Kirk L. from Florida, USA
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If you're not excited by now,
then you better check your pulse!

Seriously, after reading the RAPID FOREX eBooks you will be amazed at how powerful they are, and it's so simple a child could be taught how to do it. They really are clever strategies to capture impressive gains!

So... What are the eBooks?

In this big Video eBook you will learn all the SAME Forex trading techniques that many other training schools charge $$$ Thousands $$$ of dollars for. After watching this, you'll know about as much as many successful traders know so that you too can trade just like they do! Get this for FREE Now! Click to find out how.
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What everybody wants to know but nobody is teaching... until now. In this large eBook you will learn how to enter into the smallest trades possible, risking a maximum of a tiny 10 pips, but because of the nature of Robert's style of Forex scalping you still get HUGE profits! Seriously, you can scalp using these techniques exclusively taught here at Rapid Forex and in a few minutes make as much profits (actually even more) than other people would make in several hours or even days!

Robert also teaches you how to use a tiny scalp, safely leveraged for more lots than you would otherwise trade, to enter into a much larger trading opportunity. With these methods you'll be able to enter into the same trades that some other trader would attempt. Your risk would be about the same, but your profits would be significantly larger. For example, if some other trader would have made $2,000 off of some market movement by using these techniques, you might have made $20,000 or even more in exactly the same market conditions!

Start reading now to learn these coveted methods that are rumored about but known by only a few elite traders. Now YOU can be one of those sophisticated traders that can profit from these easy but powerful techniques.
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In "Explosive Profits" you'll learn truly powerful techniques to catch explosive price moves quickly and easily! Newly Revised Edition (version 2.0).

No Indicators!!!
No Pivot Points!!!
No Moving Averages!!!
No Confusing MACD!!!
No Complex Analysis!!!
Just Easy Steps to Follow!!!

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In "Advanced Option Strategies" you'll learn how to use advanced software for free to predict currency price movements Unlock the hidden secrets that option price quotes reveal currency price directions. This is not a currency option trading system. "It (The Advanced Option Strategies) takes the 'edge' the professionals have and puts it in your hands - to use against them." You'll actually be able to "cheat" by using the price quotes of options to tell you exactly where the FOREX brokers expect the prices to move - After all they are the major players in the Forex industry! No other FOREX trading system is taking advantage of this method of stealing the experts opinions - you'll only find it here at RAPID FOREX!
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In "FOREX Surfing" you'll learn how to make $200 to $3,000 (or even more) for just a few minutes to a couple hours worth of work, and you could easily do this multiple times per week!

In this eBook, Robert shares special proprietary strategies he's developed to consistently capture 20+ pips multiple times per week! He'll also explain how to use it to more safely enter a trade that would otherwise require a huge stop, which you may have otherwise passed on the trade due to the risk involved. You will learn many variations of these techniques to use for great profits, including a special technique to blast your profits in a way you probably never even heard of before This one technique alone can make you a great income. This HUGE eBook is PACKED with dozens of specific trading strategies, variations, and extremely useful information to help you be a profitable FOREX trader.

The "FOREX Surfing" strategy does require some "technical analysis" which is well explained in the eBook, and is easy to learn. It is a personal favorite technique to CONSISTENTLY capture those wonderful pips.
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In the "FOREX Education Manual" you'll learn how to watch for 3 numbers to line up for huge profits. This unique eBook has helped thousands of people learn to trade the FOREX. All you need to do is watch for 3 special indicators line up and *bingo*, you enter the trade. Then you watch for the exact exit signal. This is probably the simplest and yet most effective trading systems in existence. There is absolutely no fluff in this manual, just practical information that you can use to start trading immediately. This system is currently in it's 9th revision!
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This is (so far) the largest eBook in the Rapid Forex series. You will learn ways to trade HUGE market movements, letting your trades run for days, weeks, even months for some of the most impressive profits you can imagine with some ingenious trading methods!

In addition to the trading methodologies in it you will learn some brand new never-taught-before techniques (innovated by Robert, of course) to add to your trading toolbox. He also introduces many new concepts of various aspects pertaining to trading, and guides you by the hand to start thinking of trading "holographically".

There is sooooo much in this eBook that it is difficult to adequately summarize here. But if you've loved Robert's other eBooks, then you'll certainly be blown away with this one, as will your trading profits!
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Investors drool over the possibility of making 10% to 30% per YEAR. But in this amazing eReport you will learn how making those kinds of returns is easy to accomplish IN JUST A MONTH. And you'll find out how earning significantly more is realistically possible.
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This incredible little eBook will teach you how you can realistically turn a meager $300 into well over $30,000 in as little as 6 months, and set you up financially, thanks to trading Forex! We want you to have this eBook as our FREE GIFT to YOU right now, so click the following link to get it today.
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Forex for Beginners. New to the Forex? Start with this easy-to-follow report that gives you the basic terms and concepts without any useless fluff. In less than 30 minutes, you'll know enough to start learning one of our Forex trading strategies!
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Ready to blow your mind? In this nearly 2-hour long video, you will learn how to use Forex to position yourself to completely retire, even retire from Forex trading, in an extravagantly lavish way. You've just got to see this, and the best part is that it's FREE to watch! Click to find out how.
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Exclusive Funding techniques to turn $100 into $1,000!
With RAPID FOREX, you'll learn how to fund your Forex trading account from scratch! These are the same techniques Brian and Robert have successfully used to raise capital quickly. We'll show you exactly how to turn $100 into $1,000 (or more) to fund your Forex trading account. This works so well that you may choose to do this over and over again. These funding techniques do not involve Forex trading! We show you how to spend less than 15 minutes to set up an automated stream of income that you can use to recoup the cost of our course. You'll be able to accelerate funding of your Forex trading account without risking your own money! This provides you with one extra way to make money with RAPID FOREX. These techniques are only available through us.

Robert, I believe you have the ability to lead our Amazing Forex group to outrageous heights! I'm glad to be in on the ground floor of this great project.
Herbert H. Palm Desert, California USA
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Why are we selling this uniquely powerful system? Well here's Robert's reason: "The biggest reason is that I have a lot of free time on my hands (at home most days, this is what I do for a living, not bad for a 30 year old guy) - once you start profiting with the system you may find you have lots of free time on your hands too - and so thought it would be fun to write some eBooks teaching how to trade these strategies to give to my friends. I then thought about all the other people in the world who could change their lives for the better (financially) if they had access to this, and so created this website. I am truly amazed with how popular this site became - much faster than I would have ever thought it would.)"

How do these strategies work? Now for that you'll have to get the eBooks! You can read more about each eBook from the above links. Basically we'll teach you everything you need to understand to know the exact timing to trade and how. All this takes as little as about 10 minutes of work and you can make profits anywhere from $200 to $3,000, or even more! Every FOREX trader knows that with each trade there is some risk. But astoundingly many of the RAPID FOREX techniques teach you to trade with the absolute smallest risk possible, between 10 and 20 pips. It's true that many people lose big money trading FOREX, but you will learn you how to not be one of them. This system is designed for you to be hugely profitable.

To all of you "experienced" FOREX traders reading this (including Stocks & Commodities traders), these systems are so powerful and so profitable that you'll probably find yourself trading the RAPID FOREX methods more than your other trading techniques. We'd even bet that these systems will recover your losses from your other trading strategies (we're not kidding... Seriously, we've had people tell us that they lost a lot before finding our website, and that after trading these strategies they recovered their losses and are well back on their way to profits!). These are really very powerful systems. By the way, if you are a Stocks or Commodities trader you'll be happy to know that some of our clients swear that the "FOREX Surfing" techniques work beautifully with Stocks and Commodities trading.

Again, many of the RAPID FOREX techniques are unlike anything you've ever seen before, and you can have tremendous gains. We want you and many other people to benefit from this, and so now we'll make you a deal.

Many people have already purchased the RAPID FOREX eBooks and we have received fantastic reviews! Many of them are already experiencing exciting profits, and their lives are already changing for the better (financially). We personally know that these strategies work, and the feedback from others shows that it is working for them too. We recently launched the sales of these eBooks, and though we have already received many glowing comments and testimonials (feel free to read the long list of them here) we still want more. We want to be able to absolutely PROVE to people that these techniques work! So here is the deal. We've heavily discounted the RAPID FOREX eBooks for a limited time in exchange for your promise to send us testimonial after reading all the eBook. Save hundreds of dollars Today! Our hearts smile to hear your successes with the systems, and the testimonials will help convince others that they too can experience great financial gains. (We are now getting some good testimonials from people. As soon as we feel we have enough then we expect to be raising the price, which looks like it'll be happening soon. Get your copy now while the price is still low. The price will likely go up very soon - "you snooze you loose".)

This system would be hard to pass up at any price, but for what it costs, it's an absolute "must-have". Dan S. Kennebunk, ME, USA (Read what others have said about RAPID FOREX )
Get your copy of the RAPID FOREX package right NOW. Just click on the "Buy Now" button to securely pay by credit card or e-Check to receive immediate access to download the RAPID FOREX eBook package now. In just a few minutes you can be reading how to completely change your finances forever being a successful FOREX trader thanks to the RAPID FOREX techniques! We're so confident that these systems work that we offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee!!!* Go ahead... feel free to "test the system" knowing that you have nothing to loose, and can only gain!

There are several tips, and techniques that we wanted to make available to our traders - to draw attention to certain principles that will strengthen your trading arsenal and help protect your account balance.

We have several packages to choose from. Please read them all to make the best choice for yourself.

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